The firm, supports that the success of an enterprise is linked to its ability to manage risk and turn such into opportunities, support its customers in the construction of a valid and effective reference model (ERM – Enterprise Risk Management) for the identification, evaluation, management and monitoring of the main business risks; the purpose is an integrated management of corporate risk that is not merely a formal complaint, but plays a substantial effective function able to strengthen the company's ability to create, preserve and generate value. Our team has developed specific and multidisciplinary skills to provide consultancy and assistance in line with the legislation and reference practices to the various subjects who are regularly confronted with the topic of risk according to different perspectives (risk manager, internal auditor, administrative body, statutory auditors etc);we work in the main business fields (finance, industry and services, utilities and public Administration) through a professional network with experience through analysis, organisation reviews and sector’s regulations. Our activities include, among others, Risk Assessment (risk categories and control strategies, identification of risk sources, data loss collection and analysis models), the integration of risk in decision-making (quantitative and qualitative analyses, risk appetite, risk tolerance and risk limits, construction and measurement of Key Risk Indicators and Key Performance Indicators, implementation of business models and risk assessment, risk reporting For the management and Board of Directors), the assessment of the adequacy of internal control systems to monitor risks and risk governance models.