a) Purpose and conditions of the treatment
a.1) Purpose. Mercanti • Dorio e Associati – Associazione Professionale (“Holder”) treats the data relative to the economic activity of the Client or Supplier for the following purposes:
i) performing the obligations arising from contracts in which the Client or Supplier is a part or satisfying, before the conclusion of the contract, specific requirements of the Client or Supplier.
ii) performing the fiscal and accountancy obligations arising from contracts, and any other obligation provided for by laws, regulation, and European legislation;
iii) keeping information on economic activities and information resulting from public registries, to suggest future collaboration to Clients or Suppliers;
iv) communicating to third people or revealing data on the substantial object of the relation with Clients or Suppliers, within the limit of the economic activities either performed or demanded, for the purpose of supplying references related to the respective activity;
a.2) Conditions of the treatment. Data are treated with electronic devices or on paper, granting the safety both of the data and of the system, according to Title V of the D.Lgs. 196/03.
b) Mandatory or optional nature of the data contribution. The data contribution is optional.
c) Consequences of a potential refusal of contribution. The refusal of the data contribution shall cause the impossibility of undertaking or maintaining a relation with the Holder.
d) Communication and circulation
d.1) Subject to whom personal data can be communicated. Data can be communicated to the following subjects: legal counsellor or lawyer; banks; Treasury; Clients, Suppliers of goods and services; subjects involved in research, education, evaluation, rating or information activities.
d.2) Subjects that can gain knowledge of the data in respect of their quality of responsible or person in charge. Data can be known by the following subjects: a) subjects working in the premises of the Holder: administrators, associates, professionals, co-workers, secretary’s office; b) external subjects: job consultant, accountant, suppliers of computer services.
d.3) Data circulation area. Data circulation is not expected, with the exception of data related to the substantial object of the economic activity carried by the Holder for the Client or of the economic activity received by the Holder from the Supplier, and the proper activity of Client and Supplier, with the purpose of par. a.1 iv) hereinabove.
e) Rights related to art. 7 D.Lgs. 196/03. The interested person has the right of having confirmation of the existence of his personal data, even though unregistered, and their communication in an understandable form. The interested person has the right of obtaining the indication: a) of the origin of his personal data: b) of the purpose and conditions of the treatment; c) of the logic applied in case of treatment with electronic devices; d) of the identification of the Holder, of the person in charge and of the delegate according to art. 5 catch 2; e) of the subject or categories of subjects to whom personal data can be communicated or that can gain knowledge of the data due to their quality of delegate in the State territory, of persons in charge or nominee. 3. The interested person has the right of obtaining: a) the update, the amendment or, when interested, the integration of the data; b) the cancellation, the transformation in anonym form or the halt of the treated data in infringement of the law, included those of which the storing up is not necessary, in relation with the purpose for which data have been collected or subsequently treated; c) the statement that the operations of letters a) and b) have been known, even regarding their content, by those to whom data have been communicated or revealed, with the exception of the case in which such fulfilment results impossible or involve a manifestly disproportionate use of means in respect of the secured right. 4. The interested person can oppose, completely or in part, a) for lawful reasons to the treatment of his personal data, even though relevant to the purpose of the collection; b) to the treatment of his personal data for the delivery of advertising stuff or of direct sale of for the activity of market research or of commercial communication.
f) Identification of the Holder:

Holder: Mercanti • Dorio e Associati, p. IVA: 03824250231
Person in charge of the treatment: Avv. Chiara Rudella
The interested person can oppose to the treatment in any moment, sending an e-mail to the following address:
The dispatch of this information does not imply that the element hereby contained were not known in precedence by the addressee.