Like all businesses that offer consulting services, the credibility and prestige earned by our Firm depend on the quality of its human resources, their professional capability and the dedication with which they work. We are always in search of people with strong initiative and the finest technical and professional qualities – it is part of our business, because in every business success depends on the ability to train a winning team able to manage the professional activities in perfect synergism. That is why Mercanti Dorio e Associati is actively engaged in services of professional training and operates, for this purpose, in cooperation with the most highly accredited Italian and European centers and universities, in particular to promote projects for study and seminars for training on new legislation and precedents introduced by Italian and European lawmakers.
If you wish to submit your professional profile and apply for a position in our Firm please fill out the enclosed form and send it to the following e-mail address: studio@mercanti-dorio.it, specify the type of position you are interested in. You will be contacted for an interview by one of our offices.
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